Blancos Labradors...Beautiful English Labadors,
Light Yellow Labradors, Family raised Awesome Companions   



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Welcome to Blanco Labradors 

Puppy loving Christmas
A Milky Puppy 8/2016..

Alphas/Spencer Bear Puppies... very cute!!  click here for Alphas puppy page

This is a picture of Milky(Left) when she was a toddler.. Below is a picture of her first litter. Just Updated

Only a few puppies left



Had 7 PUppies. on

AUGUST 26th 2017.. This is her LAST litter ....she is a wonderful Mom and her babies are Beautiful!!  More information to follow!!

Tessla/Bear had  3 Awesome Puppies

August 22, 20117 Please fill out our questionnaire Click HERE 

Availability TESS Click here

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BO is from Alphas 2017 litter
.Her puppies have nice bone structure and wonderful stands!! 

Autumn Red Girl Alphas 2017 litter... Her last litter!! Only two left

This is a past Alpha puppy Mcfly... from 2016 ADOPTED BY THE CABRERA FAMILY!!

Tess baby Eclipse Boy ... Awesome puppy!! this is Bear and Tesslas 1st litter and they are really some cuties with calm demeanors


Tess/Bear Puppy Comet Boy!!! 10/13/2017
Adopted By the Macfarlands!! 

Tess/Bear Cuties 2017

Please Check out our site to see our wonderful Family of Dogs

From Service, Therapy, hunting to Companion our beautiful dogs are bred for Health, calm Temperament, conformation quality.... AKA Standard is our goal! There are 3 colors of classification for Labradors which are black, brown, and Yellow.

We raise yellow Labradors that are very light in color.


We have raised Labradors since 1992 and its our breed of Choice. Our Dogs share our home and are loved and treated as our family. Our dogs are raised and socialized so that they are familiar with different sounds and the enviroment around them. They make great service, therapy, hunting companions a friend for life.  We plan 2 litters a year.....

Each parent is registered with AKC,  Tested for OFA HIPS and Elbows , Heart and Eye defects that are important for Your puppies future.

Puppies comes with a health guarantee, Vet Checked with required immunizations deworming and dew Claws removed


All our dogs are tested for genetic disease-to help eliminate such diseases as EIC Exercise induced Collapse, PRA Progressive Retnal Atrophy and other important genetic diseases. 

If you are truly interested please fill out our questionnaire click here


Each adopted puppy comes with Limited Registration Only...for details please go to puppy information or

Contact [email protected]


This is Chunk.....

He is one of our Champion Sired Studs!! 

His is sire to Alpha and Millky litters pictured above.

Please check our

litter page for current details...  Or

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